Not Just Nurses


Everyone meet Tanisha Terry, who is a registered nurse from Houston, Texas.Tanisha decided that nursing was for her the summer before her 8th grade year. She was responsible for caring for her beloved grandfather, while her parents and siblings were away at work. She would complete simple tasks for him like, prepare his meals, administer his medications and read him the newspaper. Tanisha states, He would always say, “Thank you my little nurse,” and she would smile and say, “You’re welcome paw paw.” However, Tanisha had always told her grandfather she would be a dolphin trainer and not a nurse! Later that summer, Tanisha and her family had laid her grandfather to rest. She could still hear him saying, “Thank you my little nurse”, and it was then that she knew she was created to be a nurse!
Tanisha graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2014.But in 2016, she had decided that she wanted to be more than a nurse.Tanisha decided that she wanted to build a platform where nurses could inspire and encourage nursing students to fulfill their dreams inside and outside of the healthcare profession. 2017 was the year that she put her vision into action!Tanisha’s brand is called, “Black Girls White Coats!”She came up with this vision because her friends and other black women in the healthcare profession were the ultimate inspiration for her brand. She wanted to create a platform where the healthcare professionals she was inspired by could come together to support and connect with one another. Black Girls White Coats is a community for the everyday #girlboss. Through her brand, Tanisha wanted women to know that they are beautiful and powerful beyond measure!
Ultimately, Tanisha would like to use her brand to leave her mark on the world. She states, “I want others to know, “If Tanisha can do it, then so can I.” She wants to continue to uplift and inspire young ladies to go after every dream they have!We all know that balancing the demands of nursing and living your life to the fullest can be a task.But Tanisha enjoys her life inside and outside of nursing by remembering to always practice self care. She is intentional about getting adequate hours of sleep, working out and spending time alone for her mental health. She finds that she can only be the best Nurse Tanisha, by taking care of herself first!
We have all been in the nursing school struggle! Some advice Tanisha would like to share is,” to never let anyone or anything stand in the way of your dreams. “What’s for you is for YOU, and there is nothing that anyone can say or do to change that.” She states, “You must believe that. I said that quote to myself countless times in nursing school. When I faced challenging situations I simply accepted it, faced it and overcame it. There was no time to stay down when I had dreams to achieve.”Tanisha would also like to share some advice to her peers that want to go beyond the bedside and be more than a nurse. Her advice is to gain all the experience you can in your field before going beyond the bedside. She includes, “Nursing is a demanding career; it is important to feel confident in your craft before taking on other responsibilities.” Tanisha is beautiful and intelligent beyond measure. Her message and brand exudes positivity and that is why Tanisha Terry is Not Just A Nurse!

Tanisha Terry, RN, BSN and the creator of Black Girls White Coats

Everyone meet Portia Owensby; however, you may know her as Revlon or the beautiful CEO/Founder of Your Nurse Connection! Portia received the name Revlon as a sobriquet that one of her former co-workers gave her, the name spread and stuck with her, and the rest was history. Revlon is from a small town called Roanoke in Alabama.When Revlon graduated high school, she was dead set on becoming a forensic scientist. However, one of her closest friends was majoring in nursing, and even though that was the last thing on her list, after volunteering at a local nursing home and shadowing the nurses she knew that nursing was what she was called to do. Revlon graduated from Southern Union State Community College in May, 2010, which is one of the top nursing programs in the state of Alabama.
After a year of working, as a nurse, she soon realized that she wanted more. Revlon also understood that if nurses, particularly LPNs, wanted more respect then, they would have to go and get it themselves, which is what she planned to do. She sat on an idea she had for 5 years, but after feeling disconnected and empty, with her career, she decided to step out on faith and launch, “Your Nurse Connection.”

She came up with her concept for “Your Nurse Connection,”after working with a home health company. She realized that patients often need more monitoring and education. She also noticed that patients are oftentimes intimidated by their physicians and rely on their nurses to educate and advocate for them. From her experience, she knew that nurses had a special bond with their patients and that they needed to bridge the gap between the community and healthcare professionals. She then realized that as health care professionals we need to expand our knowledge and skillset. She would set out to form an organization, kind of like a sorority or fraternity, for healthcare professionals. The organization would find classes, courses, certifications, businesses, etc., for health care professionals to utilize to make themselves more marketable. By doing this they could better serve their community. She would also offer apparel exclusively for those in healthcare. Her ultimate goal for her brand is to connect the community and healthcare professionals through education.Revlon also wants to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and the community in which they serve.She wants to encourage LPNs and let them know that there’s more for them, than just pushing a med cart. She states, “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that; however, I meet so many people who feel empty and dissatisfied with their careers and I want them to know that there are many opportunities for them to elevate their careers.” Revlon wants Your Nurse Connection to be the go-to organization for ALL those in healthcare. Her mission is, “Support, Advocacy, Education, and Empowerment.”

The advice that she would like to give nurses who want to go beyond the bedside and be more than a nurse is, “Go for it! As nurses, we have so much to offer. You are the only person who can stand in your way. Find a good mentor, educate yourself, and have lots of patience and faith.”To the nursing students that may be struggling the advice she would like to give is to utilize your school’s resources. “There are tons of resources out there, for FREE. You have to find them,” she says.She also states that, “Social media has become a great platform for nurses and nursing students. There are nurses, with experience in a variety of specialties, who are giving away valuable knowledge and advice…. find them!” Revlon would like to encourage nursing students to find a mentor and a good study partner, ask your professors for help, and get into professional organizations for student nurses, and utilize those resources as well. Last but certainly not least, she would like to encourage everyone to NEVER give up!

Miss Revlon Owensby is a powerful individual that wants to connect, inspire, and educate the healthcare community and her peers, she is NOT JUST A NURSE!

Revlon Owensby, LPN and CEO/Founder of Your Nurse Connection

​Hey Guys! Meet Ms. Brittany Hudson a registered nurse from St. Louis, Missouri. She began her nursing education at Tennessee State University, but transferred during her junior year to the University of Missouri St. Louis where she earned a bachelor of science in Nursing in 2009. Her inspiration for becoming a nurse was simply because she’s always had a caring demeanor and a sense of pride when she is helping better one’s health state. Not to mention, Brittany feels that it’s an incredibly notable and stable career. She is currently working in surgical services as a clinical development specialist for quality and education. She oversees the education for novice and seasoned nurses as well as participates in regulatory practice implementation for her organization. She states,”I love that I’m behind the scenes and I get the opportunity to know the “why” behind all new practices.” She also adds, “When I was at the bedside, I didn’t always understand why we were learning about a new product or why a policy was changed. Now I have a better understanding.” Brittany always knew that she wanted to further her education in order to impact the nursing profession from a quality standpoint. As she grew as an RN she recognized that she had many leadership qualities that could possibly take her far in her career. In her earlier years as an RN, she practiced in several leadership positions and she grew to love it. Luckily, when deciding and researching advanced practice specialties, she was able to find a Masters of Nursing program that focused on leadership and management, which happened to be the preferred degree for her specialty. She has found that this is where her passion lies and she is looking forward to growing and impacting her profession from a quality stance. Brittany’s advice to anyone transitioning or thinking about transitioning to the MSN role is that it is important to find something you love and follow your passion. She also adds, “Do not let money be a deciding factor on what specialty you choose for your Masters. Follow your heart and work hard and the rest will fall in place.” “Secondly, Masters programs take a lot of discipline and writing of research papers,” she says, “so I would suggest brushing up on APA writing guidelines and develop a schedule to keep you on track as you progress through the program.” Brittany came up with her vision for Morgan’s Lane to create a forum where women like herself feel comfortable being themselves, while also being extremely career and goal oriented. She often felt judged because of her own lifestyle because she had no children, no husband, she likes to go out and travel, etc. She also felt like people placed her in a box because she’s a registered nurse (As if she should be extremely conservative or a plain jane and that’s not the case for Miss Hudson). She wants women and young girls to look at her and see themselves and know that they can do whatever they want in life. Morgan’s Lane is about offering advice and insight on not only nursing, but life itself to the young minority millennial women. The advice she would give to her peers who aspire to be more than just a nurse is to get out there and make connections. Whether it’s seminars or simple weekend networking events, it’s important to speak up and be known amongst your peers. She states, “You never know who you’re talking to and the opportunities that could come about based on your relationships with others. Lastly, don’t get discouraged! It will not be an easy road pursuing your dreams, but it’ll be well worth it.” The advice that she would like to offer to nursing students who may be struggling and in need of guidance is this, “Hang in there and find a mentor to help you through those hard times. I didn’t have a mentor for my undergrad studies but I did for my masters program and it made a world of difference. My mentor helped find my internship, offered career guidance as well as encouraging words when I felt discouraged.” She also suggests investing in a great prep course if you’re studying for the NCLEX. She’s seen a trend lately of nurses not passing their NCLEX the first time around and she finds that they either did not prepare properly or did not invest in a sufficient prep course. Her thoughts are, why is this not heavily encouraged in our field? Every other program of study/profession strongly encourages prep courses when testing, so why not nursing? She feels that overall, prep courses can be a bit pricey but they are well worth it. Miss Brittany Hudson is NOT JUST A NURSE! She’s an educator, and encourager, and so much more than a plain jane people have tried to label her as! She does MORE!

​Brittany Hudson, RN, MSN